Hipotekarna Banka – OpenMX Mail System

Hipotekarna bank was looking for a mail system compatible with its modern hardware and software infrastructure. Check out why they chose us and how OpenMX improved their email communication, storage configuration, and mail archives.

Project background

In 2010. Hipotekarna Banka sought a vendor to replace their old mail system. They were looking for a system that could support the growth of their business and be compatible with their modern hardware and software infrastructure.

Their Success

OpenMX Mail System

OpenMX Mail System was designed with security, redundancy, performance, and scalability in mind, which went in line with Hipotekarna Banka’s new virtualization infrastructure. The core of the mail system was designed using components that are known for rock-solid security features. Format of mail storage was configured to accommodate very large mailboxes because some users were excessing 100GB of data with over 100.000 email messages.

Security policy features were an integral part of OpenMX Mail System, which was configured to work in line with external Antivirus and Antispam systems, and are already in place, acting as an additional layer of security and providing failback for external components.

The webmail system was extended with custom features like policy filtering, proxy features, and separate system handling connections outside of Hipotekarna Banka network.

Mass mail functionality was developed to allow bulk email communication with Hipotekarna Banka clients while using throttling mechanisms to avoid messages being discarded by remote mail systems. An indefinite log store and log search system was developed to accommodate audit and policy requirements.

OpenMX Mail System was integrated with a corporate user authentication system, monitoring system, intrusion detection systems, backup systems, external logging systems, etc.

OpenMX Mail Archive

One of the additional requirements of the Hipotekarna Banka mail system was to preserve all data, regardless of interval or size, for an indefinite period: email messages, email attachments, email logs, authentication logs, etc. Furthermore, any email communication should be carbon copied and preserved separately. Users should be able to go back in time, and access this information using the web interface or standard client application, but with read-only privileges and with limited mail functionalities. 


OpenMX Mail Archive solution provided just that. Logate has designed, installed, and configured a separate mail system with client specifications. The system was integrated with the production OpenMX Mail System and initial data migration was performed. The system has been configured with special policies required by the Hipotekarna Banka and integrated with authentication systems, MDM systems, backup systems, monitoring systems, IDS systems, etc.

Our expertise

During the implementation of the solution, we worked closely with Hipotekarna Banka engineers to bring out the best solution according to their specific needs. In that process, we were able to provide their expert services in the following domains:

–       Solution design – we designed a solution that would adjust to clients’ specific network infrastructure and business requirements.

–       Project management – our project management capabilities allowed for a complex project to deliver efficiently, without any discontinuities, and on time for all stakeholders included.

–       System integration – our engineers successfully integrated the OpenMX solution with multiple external systems of the client.

–       Data migration – we were able to handle the client’s data without any downtime or disturbance to the customer experience.

–       Training and education – our experts trained the client to manage the solution independently and confidently. 

–       24×7 remote support – we are strongly dedicated to system maintenance, allowing for a continuous high performance for the client.

“We have been using Logate OpenMX mail system for the past ten years and we are satisfied with system stability and performance. We have great cooperation with Logate regarding maintenance and improvement of the solution.”

Milovan Kotlica
Head of IT department
Hipotekarna Banka AD Podgorica

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