OpenMX Carrier-grade Email Exchange System

OpenSource email system, scalable for millions of users and compliant with highest security standards

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Email solution supporting carrier growth


Years of experience with large scale email system


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Years of team experience in Telco industry

Email exchange system designed for efficiency and scalability

Connect your employees and provide seamless colaboration across team while taking the security to the next level.

Redundant system components

All components are redundant and work in active-active or active-backup configuration

Cost-effective solution

No software licence fees; Offering extensive value and high savings compared to other commercial solutions

High security compliance

Offering a full feature anti-virus and anti-spam stack which can be coupled with any commercial anti-virus solution

Horizontally and vertically scalable and configurable system

Scale for any number of users and integrate easily with third party software solutions

Solution completely based on Open Source technologies

Vendor agnotsic – no vendor lock-in; Supporting all standard email protocols and services

Centralised management and provisioning

All components and services are orchestrated

Email features to enable secure communication and seamless CX

Completely platform and storage agnostic
Charging funcionality
Webmail pool

Webmail is a fully supported and trusted groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards. It provides native Microsoft ActiveSync support

Powerfull collaboration toolkit

Integrated solutions offering easy task management with emails, to-do lists, calendars, notes, adress books

Email analytics

Comprehensive statistics are enabled to help the company understand performance of email accounts, quality of service and system resources

OpenMX Management Pool

Admin interface
Domain Administration (DA) interface

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OpenMX is an Email Exchange System designed specifically to serve the needs of telecommunication services providers that need a robust, secure and scalable system that is way more affordable and efficient than commercial solutions.

OpenMX is used by all the employees of telecoms but also by telecom’s business and residential users who purchase the email domain under the ownership of the telecom.

OpenMX clients are telecom operators that have the need for a secure, robust and scalable email exchange system and service that is way more affordable than commercial email systems and that can also be offered to their customers as a value added service.

OpenMX is an affordable enterprise email system alternative for commercial solutions that offers modern interface, first class security features, stable, scalable and robust infrastructure and a team with 20+ years of experience that can support your operations and email system commercialization daily.

OpenMX demo is available per request. Our technical team will walk you through the application demo and answer any of the questions along the way. Schedule a demo by contacting us here.

OpenMX is based on open source technologies, so it has no software license fee. It has an implementation price depending on service complexity. Additionally, various support packages are available depending on the client’s needs. To find out more, contact sales.

We are telecom engineers, system engineers, software developers, business analysts, system architects and managers with decades of collective experience in the telco industry. After having worked in telecoms throughout our careers, we have gathered to work on the specialized system around which we are now consulting our clients and helping them to put their service to the next level by going fully software defined and presenting innovative use cases. We are reliable, long term business partners ready to respond to requirements with flexibility, agility and expertise. Check out our About us page.

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