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What are the main determinants of our culture?


Our passion for results is based on the desire to live our dreams, to be courageous and to make constant progress. We strive to make steps forward in the future through innovation in technology, through the way we work and through understanding the world around us. We like to plan and define goals, encourage the initiative, achieve good results and share the benefits.


Beauty will save the world. We are looking for creative solutions to problems, explore and share ideas and concepts, interpret feelings and experiences. We encourage creativity and attention to how does the product look and feel. We support everyone to express their own personality.

Fun & social

We are fulfilling our working hours with fun and enjoyment, and we believe that we are getting close to the ideal balance between work and fun. Although professionalism is our driving force, we know that we are not robots, so we are having fun whenever possible. We organize various joint activities and try to make everyone feel like the part of the community.


We are in love with technology and we enjoy complex software problems. We primarily try to understand the processes behind the products we are working on. Our decisions are based on data and logical and rational analysis. We are discussing everything and we are committed to staying up to date with new knowledge, while not losing a sense of innovation – something that drives us forward.

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