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Stop losing customers.
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Poor customer experience affects your business significantly


customers want to speak to a real person


businesses think their digital journeys are not personalized to their customers


customers contact a business via phone

Connect is an omnichannel contact center solution that supports inbound and outbound communication

It integrates all of your communication channels into a single interface which your agents use to communicate with clients. Connect eliminates the need to use multiple systems to complete contact center tasks. Your contact center team does all of their tasks in one application and focuses on what really matters – providing outstanding customer service while we take care of the technology.

Key benefits

Omnichannel solution

Supports inbound & outbound communication

Complete control of contact center operations

Advanced reporting

Access to communication history

Automated & manual contact management

Integration with other CRM &
other relevant systems

Transparent on-premise and cloud pricing

Agile and reliable partner, not vendor

Client testimonials


Supervisors and agents access the Connect web application on the same address, using their accounts. The functionalities of the solution are tailored for both user types so that it supports all of their needs via an intuitive interface. We have built an app that your contact center team members never have to leave in order to complete their daily tasks.


Supervisors can view historical data in the  Dashboard module. Data can be shown in a daily, weekly or monthly breakdown. Supervisors can view all of the KPIs and overall service level in total, per channel or per agent.

Supervisor dashboard is a module supervisors can use to monitor current interactions, interactions on hold and engage in current calls in the following way:

    • Listen – Supervisors can listen to an interaction so that the customer nor the agent are aware of their presence, ensuring quality control.
    • Prompt – When the Prompt function is on, the supervisor can talk to the agent and the customer will not be aware. This functionality can be used for onboarding new agents and training them in a live environment.
    • Conference -The supervisor can join the call with the agent and customer so that everyone can communicate. 
    • Permanent alarms – Permanent alarms are triggered when no agent is in operating mode. Once they go off, they can be turned off only when the supervisor acknowledges them.

Connect offers a wide array of reports available to supervisors in order to ensure maximum control of contact center operations and quality of customer service agents provide. Reports are configurable and can also be automatically scheduled.

Campaigns module is used for outbound communication. Supervisor is in charge of setting up a campaign by selecting a date range for execution, filling out the script that supports dynamic fields, selecting a list of agents that will be executing the campaign. Customer data can be extracted from a .CSV file or through integration with your CRM solution.


Agent dash dashboard consists of:
1) Comparable statistics of agent’s individual performance and performance of the entire contact center team.
2) Interaction screen which agents use to communicate through various communication channels with clients.

You can import your list of contacts directly into Connect or we can integrate with your CRM solution. Once the contact reaches out to your contact center team, Connect will automatically recognize the number or other unique identifier which the agent can use to confirm identity (or in cases an existing contact reaches out on behalf of a third party, the agent can manually create a new contact).
In case there is no unique identifier, the agent will be prompted to create a new contact which will be stored in the Connect database and/or in your CRM solution, in case of the integration.

Connect supports 3 ways of contact identification to ensure high level of security:

    • OTP verification – agent will prompt the system to generate an OTP code which will be sent in real time to the contact who can then confirm the code
    • Electronic identification – contact will initiate a video call and the agent will guide him through the identification process which consists of providing an ID document live during the video call and posing together with the ID while the agent takes screenshots. In case it’s necessary, e-signature can be implemented to
    • Biometrics authentication – contact will be prompted to go through the authentication by posing with an ID document before engaging in the communication with an agent. Once all the steps are completed, the agent will receive the screenshots and the precision, liveliness and facial recognition scores of biometrics authentication.

Agents can flag contacts for spam, harassment or any type of abuse, marking the contacts with a warning that will be visible to agents for any future interactions a contact may initiate.

Agents can always access all of the interactions, which are stored automatically after they are finished.

Agents must classify each interaction. Classification feeds reports with valuable data that can help businesses identify potential threats and weaknesses in their products or services.

Agents will be automatically assigned to interactions randomly or based on their skills and/or channels they manage. Skill-based routing is set up by supervisors. Priority in the queue will be given to contacts marked as VIP.

In case agents need to obtain extra information, they can park interactions. Interactions can also be forwarded to another agent or queue.

All abandoned calls will be shown in a callback list, along with the information about the caller and times he tried to call unsuccessfully. Once an agent calls the number back, it will be automatically removed from the list.

Internal chat is for agents and supervisors to communicate internally.



Video calls



Web chat

Facebook Messenger




Connect has been implemented in these industries:


Minimum monthly commitment starts at 250 euros for the cloud hosted solution.

For detailed pricing and on-premise details, please get in touch with us.


Are you getting more than 100 calls or messages per day? Do you operate in an industry where decisions are made quickly and on the spot? If your customers cannot reach you in such a case, your potential profit will be lost and most likely go to your competitors.
An example for private hospitals – a potential customer calls you to book a 50 euro examination. If your team does not respond or call back, the profit is lost as “your” customer will contact another hospital in the area. If you miss 10 of those calls, you miss out on 500€ per day, equaling to 15,000€ per month, up to 180,000€ yearly. So, do you know how many calls you miss per day?

Yes, Connect supports inbound and outbound communication. Every type of interaction, whether it is inbound or outbound, is handled via the same agent interface.

Yes, Connect is a web-based application. You only need a computer and stable internet connection in order to use the solution.

Yes, Connect can be deployed on-premise. For technical details and pricing, please reach out to

The main unique selling proposition consists of 4 key characteristics: 

    1. Intuitive interface
      When we started developing Connect, we were guided by two core principles – ensuring that it supports scalability of your contact center operations and providing an intuitive interface that will quickly onboard new agents. Your contact center managers can quickly onboard new agents (the onboarding process is on average 15 minutes long). During COVID-19 pandemic, Logate donated Connect to Montenegrin Institute for Public Health and their key feedback was that they onboarded new students volunteering at their contact center in 15 minutes.  
    2. Advanced reporting and service quality control
      During COVID-19 pandemic, contact center supervisors had to manage their teams remotely which proved to be a significant challenge. Connect ensures that you have full control over your contact center team, identify top performers and quickly react to any drops in quality through a set of dashboards and “on click” reports. 
    3. Affordability
      Connect is ready to be deployed for small and medium enterprises as is. The solution can be modified to entirely meet the needs of enterprises. When you are considering a contact center solution, one of the criteria will inevitably be the price. Therefore, our pricing structure is created to cater to the needs of smaller and bigger organizations, without compromising quality. Instead, we empower your contact center supervisors and agents with subscriptions that include all of the functionalities specific to their roles.
    4. Logate’s commitment to lasting partnerships
      We take pride in the fact that the majority of our clients build lasting partnerships with us. Our goal is to be a partner and not just a vendor for your business. Your business matters to us.

Subscriptions are billed per user per active communication channel. There are 2 types of subscriptions: agent and supervisor subscription. All of the role-specific functionalities are included in the subscription.

Yes, there is a minimum monthly commitment of 250€ for the cloud hosted solution. The actual amount may vary depending on your needs and integration points. Please contact us to get a precise offer.

Yes, we can integrate with your CRM solution, as long as the CRM vendor can open their API.

Yes, Connect provides real-time analytics and reporting. Advanced reporting is available only to supervisors but agents can see their own performance and performance of their team.

Logate organizes workshops for your contact center team so they can get acquainted with the solution and all of its features. Prior to implementation, workshops are organized for the IT team.

Depending on the channels being activated, there is a list of prerequisites, such as sip trunk that is contracted directly with telecommunication provider, Viber business account, email settings in order to integrate with the customer’s email system etc. However, our team will guide you throughout the process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Stop losing customers.
Connect with clients anywhere.