IT is an abstract field. However, the impact on local communities is tangible. Therefore, as one of the leading Montenegrin IT companies, it is our duty to not only condone but also promote sustainable business practices, for a more equitable future.

Gender equity

48% of our employees are women. They are fierce leaders, managing and inspiring their teams.

Logate supports mothers by offering a chance to work part-time on a full-time salary for a whole month after the maternity leave period ends, easing the transition back to work. All parents are granted a day off on the first day of school or kindergarten.

Going paperless for greener future

We are swapping business cards with QR links to LinkedIn profiles. Participation in conferences is coordinated with minimum use of print material. But we do not stop there. As a software company, we provide technology that business and communities benefit from.

That is why we developed FolderX, an enterprise content management system that empowers businesses with necessary tools to go fully digital. For us, going green is not a choice anymore.

Making it inclusive

Logate Institute was founded to introduce new generations of students and young professionals to the world of IT. We all know that some of the highest salaries can be found in IT jobs.

However, not everyone has access to IT education. Logate Institute offers courses to coding enthusiasts and children of all ages. We are committed to bringing equal opportunities to everyone – that is why Logate Institute offers fully funded scholarships to disadvantaged individuals.

Logate pledged to commit
to Quality Education

(SDG 4) & Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17)


Quality education

Developing countries that are small in area, such as Montenegro, have a chance to prosper with the development of technology. With Logate Institute, we are committed to providing IT education for the economic growth and prosperity of Montenegro.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

Alone we cannot do much, together we can change the world for better. We offer our solutions at favorable conditions in developing countries to ensure benefits of digital transformation are making companies competitive on the market, no matter where they are based.

Logate in the Community

The ultimate goal of SDG 4 is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Logate started Logate Institute to make IT education accessible to children and adults of any age and financial status.

Amidst the education crisis caused by COVID-19, the Institute made all of the courses available online. We help teachers make extra income by devoting a portion of their time to teaching at Logate institute.

During the pandemic, our Public Institute of Health received an overwhelming number of calls. In order to respond to all of them, medical school students jumped in as volunteers.

Their contact center department needed a software solution and that’s where Logate stepped in, donating Connect omni-channel contact center software. With its intuitive interface, new volunteers were trained in less than 15 minutes!

We deeply believe the role of non-formal education is fundamental in achieving equity. That is why we sponsor events and projects that align with SDG 4. In 2022, we sponsored a student-led project Days of Engineers organized by BEST Podgorica.

Podgorica is where our headquarters are. It is our city and we want it to keep its distinct culture as it grows. In order to make the city more vibrant, we sponsor cultural events, such as concerts at CKZ Ribnica.

Logate as a workplace

We pledged to commit the two SDGs with our software solutions but also with our most valuable resource – our employees.

Open communication

We work in teams and in order to deliver results to our clients, we have to communicate among ourselves effectively. Open communication is promoted by the top executives and managers.

Planned growth and career path

No employee stays on the same level of seniority forever. We will invest resources into education and offer promotions once the milestones are achieved.

Additional perks and benefits

We reward passion for knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking. That is why Logate gives bonuses, offers flexible working hours and free medical checks at local private clinics among many other perks.

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