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OpenProvider Core Network Functions

AAA, PCRF, PCF, AUSF, SPR, WiFi Captive Services
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Network Functions for Software Defined Telecoms

OpenProvider is designed to be the next-generation AAA solution for software-defined telecoms, replacing legacy AAA solutions and placing management of all access technologies on a single platform.

fixed-mobile convergence ready
One platform - all access technologies

Manage and monetize Carrier network for all access technologies (WiFi, DSL/FTTH, 3G, LTE, 5G)

one platform all access technologies
Fixed-mobile convergence ready

Fast and easy deployment of fixed-mobile convergence (FMC)

VoWiFi ready

Fast and easy deployment of VoWiFi

OpenProvider key benefits

Leverage unique solution benefits
to ensure network power, resilience and growth.

Solution completely based on Open Source technologies

No license fees & Vendor agnostic – no vendor lock-in

Designed and developed as Cloud-Native

Cloud agnostic solution & Infrastructure agnostic solution – deployable as VNF, CNF, on bare metal.

Designed for distributed deployment

Supporting N+1 Data Centers; Load Sharing between Geo-Distributed DCs; Absolute service continuity – beyond five nines.

Linear performance increase with horizontal scaling

Adding additional nodes within Data Centers increases performance almost linearly without limitations; Using distributed Cassandra database as a backbone

Feature highlights:

OpenProvider custom-made Low-code Service Management Engine (SME)

OpenFunctions allow administrators to create custom policy logic using a simple and intuitive pseudo-language. It offers protocol-specific functions for RADIUS, Diameter, LDAP, DHCP, SOAP, REST and more.

Choose network functions
for your business

Enhance network performance with one or more of the network functions:

Manage carrier network and define custom policies for milions of users

Administer your subscribers base through a single network function

Create and manage your WiFi access portals and user profiles

Our success stories

We’ve been on the market for 15 years. During that time, we collaborated with European telco giants, providing the full service around AAA infrastructure. Check out our projects.

Magenta Telekom - FMC

FMC product is a fixed net proposition and promised a LTE based bandwidth boost once the customer needs a higher bandwidth than the fixed line is capable of providing.

Magenta Telekom- VoWiFi

Integrated with cDB, OCS and OFCS, ePDG, PGW, HSS using standard 3GPP interfaces.

united group logo

United Group

Providing AAA infrastructure around UniFi WiFi project.

Hrvatski Telekom

vAAA is deployed for fix and mobile services, alongside with a VoWiFi implementation, using OpenStack NFV infrastructure.

Client testimonials


OpenProvider Core Network Functions represent a set of systems that enable policing and charging control, subscriber data management and captive portals management for telecom users. OpenProvider consists of 3 separate functions that can be combined or implemented separately in core networks to enhance performance, stability and scalability of the network. 

The flagship function, AAA system is a mission critical system for IP policy and charging control. It has availability of 99,999% and is designed to replace legacy AAA solutions that do not support modern technological concepts such as virtualization, cloudification and convergence of access technologies. Next, there is the SPR component, designed to manage subscribers data, and Captive Portals management system, designed to help telcos manage their customer experience and policing for the WiFi access technology.

OpenProvider is used by several TelCo department, from Help Desk and Network Operation Center (NOC) to Service Departments and DWH. Help Desk use OpenProvider to check service log and see the reasons why subscriber cannot connect and has a paid service. NOC will monitor graphic charts with number of requests. Service Department use OpenProvider to create a new services. DWH retrieve data about terminated sessions, analyze them and create inputs for business’ in order to create packages which suits best to subscribers needs.

Yes. OpenProvider consists of 3 distinct network functions and telecom can purchase any or all of the network functions. The functions are:

  • Policy and Charging Control Function – AAA system to support creation and policing of different types of telco services for all access technologies (DSL/FTTH, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, FMC, VoWiFi).
  • Subscriber and Profile Repository Function – A system that allows the storing and management of subscriber data in the core network and communicates with different core network components to exchange and update this data.
  • WiFi Captive Portals Management System – A system that allows telecoms to manage the customer experience around the WiFi access technology and services.


These functions can communicate seamlessly with each other and also integrate easily with other network components. 

OpenProvider is designed to replace multiple old legacy core network components with convergent network functions. Compared to competitors’ solutions, it is developed and implemented by a small, agile team of telco experts, that know the telco business to the essence, and are ready to quickly adapt as per client’s requirements. The solution is completely based on Open Source technologies, is vendor agnostic, made as cloud native and enables geo-redundancy and scalability, thus answers quickly to the changing needs of telcos.

OpenProvider demo is available per request. Our technical team will walk you through the application demo and answer any of the questions along the way. Schedule a demo by contacting us here.

OpenProvider is based on open source technologies, so it has no software license fee. It has an implementation price depending on service complexity. Additionally, various support packages are available depending on the client’s needs. To find out more, contact sales.

We are telecom engineers, system engineers, software developers, business analysts, system architects and managers with decades of collective experience in the telco industry. After having worked in telecoms throughout our careers, we have gathered to work on the specialized system around which we are now consulting our clients and helping them to put their service to the next level by going fully software defined and presenting innovative use cases. We are reliable, long term business partners ready to respond to requirements with flexibility, agility and expertise. Check out our About us page.

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