A key step for business recovery in 2021? Digital transformation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly changed the nature of business. Many companies face the challenges of digitalization. Learn more about digital transformation and see how Logate has supported the companies on their digitalization journey.

It would be difficult to mention all the social and economic changes that the global Covid 19 pandemic has caused. In the business world, the Covid 19 pandemic has appeared to have the greatest impact on the way we communicate and collaborate.

The first response to the new normal was the transition to a remote work environment. The new business environment has even affected business activities that had not been previously seen as the best fit for remote work. Adaptation was kicked off through accelerated digital transformation. Fortunately, vaccination is an ongoing process right now. The world is slowly recovering and the way out of the global pandemic is emerging on the horizon.

Business leaders and managers now focus on the question – how to recover current business and recover what was lost in 2020?

The key business step for a successful future is digital transformation.

What is Digital transformation?

As the COVID-19 imposes a new lifestyle, NLB is closely listening to clients’ needs and adjusting the business to meet them in a timely manner. That’s why they are planning for a new feature for their Contact center software. Video calls feature will allow customers to have a video conversation with Contact Center agents and allow for more information to be transferred through this type of call. The safety of both clients and employees will be enhanced as video calls will further reduce the need to visit branch offices.

NLB is proving why technological advancement is necessary in customer service. It kept the business agile, resilient and able to adapt and stay relevant even in the times of global crisis.

How has your company leveraged technology in customer service?

At the very beginning of the pandemic, we had witnessed immediate changes and failing business revenues that caused a strong impact on entrepreneurs. None of us could foresee how long such a situation would last and what it could bring with it. The new reality has exposed the need for the widespread use of digital tools.

Businesses that have successfully gone through all the new challenges now generate revenues as high as they were before the pandemic. Successful organizations realized the need for the implementation of digital transformation in their business activities.

Work from home is now not only a recommendation but also an obligation. Therefore, the ability to organize employees for work from any location becomes extremely important. Managers are challenged to respond appropriately to the internal organization of employees and the organization of work processes in various directions.

In that sense, digital transformation is seen as a step for a successful business strategy in 2021 that includes an increase in the automated processes and the implementation of tools based on Artificial Intelligence. It is necessary for organizations to further strengthen the IT sector and provide knowledge and support to employees for using new technologies.

Investment in digital transformation results in multiple business benefits. Companies that have recently implemented digital processes are already seeing benefits achieved by using the software as a service for collaboration between clients and company employees. Workflow automation leads to a rapid increase in information processing capacity, increased productivity and accuracy, as well as an improved user and employee experience.

How to start business digitalization?

We believe that you have already faced some of the challenges caused by the new business environment and teleworking. You are not going through these challenges all alone since they have affected all the industries across the globe.

Logate recognizes how digital transformation affects the company dynamics. We approach each organization and business client according to its business profile by providing a detailed analysis. Furthermore, we suggest digitalization in those company departments where digitalization can lead to the improvement of the overall business and higher revenues. Our experienced team of IT engineers provides support by implementing and maintaining software solutions that facilitate and accelerate the overall workflow.

Companies that offer services and products do not always depend on the location and availability of their sales facility. Your market placement in the modern business world implies an online presence through a web presentation where products can be marketed and sold directly at online webshops. This practice is considered a must-have in the e-commerce industry.

Vendors become available to a wider target group and customers can make purchases and use your services without going to offices and shops.

Supervisors at businesses based on constant communication with clients and customer support don’t have to make manually process data on the activities of their agents. These processes are usually time-consuming and exhausting. Our modern Contact Center application enables data processing in real-time so supervisors can monitor the work of agents at any time which results in improved quality of services and overall client satisfaction. Interaction with users is supported by the automation itself and it is done through all communication channels bringing numerous long-term benefits.

In the end, going to the bank or post office to pay the bill is no longer a necessity. Users can now quickly and easily manage their bank account at any time via a single mobile application thanks to our Mobile Banking solution. In this way, bank employees become more productive and get more time to focus on other important tasks.

See how we provide support and achieve successful cooperation with companies in Montenegro and throughout Europe

Logate has recognized the need for digital transformation and thus has been recognized as a key partner of notable local and European companies, such as telecom and banking giants. We believe that the selection of new technologies and the adoption of innovative solutions is of particular importance for the return on investment and a constant increase in operating income. 

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