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On a mission to automate redundant tasks, increase revenue and respond to modern needs of your clients

Your Core Banking System may be a legacy solution that cannot respond efficiently to the ever changing environment and rapidly developing client habits. We’re building a specialized banking CRM and a digital universe of possibilities around the Core, enabling it to communicate with other systems while keeping the client data safe.


Now let’s take a look at what the Digital Banking Universe entails…

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Specialized banking CRM with intuitive interface, advanced client data search and overview of all processes in one place.


Loan Tracking System is a debt collection module designed to help banks reduce the ratio of non-payable loans and resolve collection issues.

Sales opportunities

Sales opportunities module enables banks to better utilize the existing client base, effectively add leads and offer personalized products and services to highly targeted clients.

KYC/AML Task Manager

KYC/AML Task Manager is a module for timely control of client data and ensuring that the bank knows the client and always has up-to-date information. In case there is a need for AML control, employees are alerted by the pre-set triggers provided by the other banking systems.

Complaint manager

68% of customers become annoyed when their call is transferred to another department. 


Complaint module aids in resolving customer and employee complaints efficiently. You can create processes that seamlessly forward complaints to a relevant department for exceptional customer experience.



Customer-centered website designed to respond to the needs of your clients


Take your website to the next level with web based banking solution


The future is here already and it’s mobile


96% of customers will stop doing business with a company after poor customer experience. Don’t let it be your company.

Advanced contact center solution for outstanding customer experience and lead nurturing. 

Who is the Connect for?

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Companies that deal with large volume of calls
  • Industries where contact with customers is essential 
  • Businesses that have a number of calls/website visits that do not convert to customers
  • Market research agencies 
  • Companies that rely on telemarketing
  • E-commerce businesses


Be seen and heard by your customers, wherever they are.

Text messages have a whopping rate of 98% and 97% of them are read within 15 minutes. 

Compare that to 22% open rates in email marketing and you can understand the tremendous opportunities for sales.

Example in practice


sent SMS messages




clicked the link

With Connect integration you can assist them while they’re on the page, inform them and upsell other products or services.


FolderX is made of a document management system (DMS), archiving app and business process management tool. It acts as your safe digital office.

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