TM Forum membership – Taking the OpenProvider AAA to the next level

As OpenProvider AAA platform is undergoing upgrades in order to be fully compliant with TM Forum’s open standards such as Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and Open Digital Framework (ODF), we are joining the TM Forum community with aims to contribute to the constantly developing standards and thought leadership in the industry.

TM Forum is an international alliance of over 850 companies connecting digital service providers, technology suppliers, system integrators and conslutancies (TM Forum, 2022). The organization spans across 180 countries and includes worlds top network and communications providers. TM Forum helps the digital transformation of communication service providers through an open, collaborative environment among its members, with particular focus on managing individual transformation journeys, developing and widely adopting common toolkits and frameworks, and accelerating innovation through member-driven research (TM Forum, 2022).

In 2022 Logate became a member of the Forum, joining a pool of world-leading experts and innovators in the field of telecommunications. With the newly established membership, we will aim to connect with CSPs, system integrators and the R&D community to improve the standards in our product development, but also add value to the existing pool of knowledge through the research and experience gathered from our 15 years of industry presence with OpenProvider AAA IP Policy and Charging Control Platform.

OpenProvider AAA platform is currently undergoing upgrades in order to be fully compliant with TM Forum’s open standards such as Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and Open Digital Framework (ODF), allowing different network components vendors to plug-in and efficiently join network operator ecosystem.

We are looking forward to the new frontiers that TM Forum will open for a more efficient management and monetization of telco networks with OpenProvider AAA.

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