OpenProvider is the first Cloud platform in Crnogorski Telekom, member of Deutsche Telekom group

Crnogorski Telekom is where our story with OpenProvider AAA began. Today, the new version of the platform is the first cloud platform in the company, powering company's new, innovative telco services.

With over 15 years on the market, OpenProvider AAA brings value to telecommunication providers across South-Eastern and Central Europe. However, our roots are in Montenegro, where the products were initially developed for the needs of Crnogorski Telekom. Today, it is the first cloud platform in the company.

Crnogorski Telekom is the leading Montenegrin telecommunications operator and is part of Deutsche Telekom group. The company exists since 1998, and it provides fixed-line, mobile, IPTV, internet, ICT and cloud services. It has over 100 thousand fixed line customers and over 400 thousand mobile customers.

Logate’s collaboration with Crnogorski Telekom began in the early years of the company, by implementing OpenProvider AAA to serve the needs of the dial-up and ADSL services at the time. Since then, up until today, as the services evolved, so has the platform, keeping Logate a long-term, stable and devoted partner to the company. Today, OpenProvider AAA supports over 100 services of Crnogorski Telekom and it keeps evolving.

The latest version of the system introduced to Telekom was implemented in the cloud, following the latest technological trends in the telco industry for the operators to be software-defined. This is the first platform for a Montenegrin telecommunications operator to be implemented in the cloud. With the latest version of OpenProvider Crnogorski Telekom will have an active-active load share geo-redundant solution for AAA.

The new version is compatible with all existing services and prepared for various new services that Crnogorski Telekom can introduce to the customers. With this capability, Telekom will be able to take telecommunications in Montenegro to the next level,  bringing new,  innovative use cases.

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