New partnership in Turkey – Logate is partnering with Odine to deliver telco expertise in EMEA

Logate is thrilled to announce their partnership with Odine, a global leader in sustainable telecom transformation. Together, we will deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive digital transformation in the telecom industry, with focus on EMEA region.
Odine system integration

Initiated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this collaboration combines Logate’s specialization in OpenProvider core network functions with Odine’s proficiency in business transformation. This powerful alliance brings immense value to telecom providers in EMEA.

During productive discussions, the Logate and Odine teams reaffirmed their shared commitment to innovation and customer success.

 “We are thrilled to commence on this collaborative journey with Odine as we strive to deliver groundbreaking solutions and exceptional support to telecom operators”, expressed Ivica Tatar, Logate’s Co-founder and Strategy Lead.

 According to Odine’s COO, Tarkan Alagöz, “By leveraging our combined expertise, Odine and Logate are dedicated to driving growth, fostering success, and unlocking new possibilities for telecom operators in the EMEA region”.

 As we embark on this new journey, we eagerly anticipate sharing updates on the ongoing and new projects we will be working on together with Odine. Stay tuned for insights from new markets and success stories that our partnership will reveal.

About Odine

Odine is a global telecom partner empowering sustainable network transformation, building resilient and software-defined networks of the future. We are a leading communication solutions company that enables global telecom companies to evolve with a sustainable approach. With market-leading technology, holistic solutions, and collaborative partnerships, Odine will support you in reinventing your value creation formula and fully dedicating ourselves to your success. Our resources are available for organizations to tap into whenever they need them. We work collaboratively to equip you with the power to evolve your business models, build new propositions, differentiate yourselves, and accelerate into new territories.

About Logate

Logate is an enterprise software development company, working with telecoms and banks internationally to deliver successful digital transformation, improved customer and employee experience. In the telco domain, Logate is specialized in providing a 3GPP compliant, Open Source Network Functions covering IP policy management, subscriber data management and charging control over all access technologies (WiFi, VoWiFi, DSL/FTTH, 3G, 4G, 5G) for millions of user accounts, completely cloud-native, linearly scalable and supporting distributed deployment while offering absolute service continuity and custom service building.  Logate adds value to businesses by providing decades long telco expertise and being a long term partner to telecoms while they develop and evolve.

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