New OpenProvider implementation in ISKON

ISKON is a Croatian telecommunications company offering a variety of telco services to hundreds of thousands of Croatian citizens. Today, ISKON is our new client that will soon manage their network through OpenProvider AAA.

OpenProvider AAA keeps expanding! With our mission to help shape the digital landscape of the telecommunications industry, we are collaborating with another telco provider in the South-Estern Europe.

ISKON is an ICT company from Croatia, existing since 1997, that offers internet, fixed line telephony, mobile and IPTV services, both for private and business clients.

The purpose of the projet is to replace ISKON’s existing AAA solution for fixed internet and implement all services that ISKON currently offers to their subscribers. 

Logate will also participate in the redesign of existing environments which rely on AAA. With the new solution ISKON will separate the policing part in OpenProvider AAA and subscriber definition in the Central Database, which is a tailor made solution designed to meet the data management needs of OpenProvider AAA.

Using our Service Management Engine and OpenFunctions low-code platform, ISKON will have the possibility to introduce new services in a fast and easy way.

We are looking forward to helping our client deliver better services by transforming the way they do IP policy, subscriber data management and charging control.

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