Logaton – our internal hackathon

Or: how do we spark innovation and teamwork.

Working on cool projects is cool, but after some time, cool becomes ordinary. Following a successful international hackathon that we founded, we started an internal hackathon, named Logaton, which allows employees to work on their own ideas and products during working hours.


What is it about?

The primary goal is to give employees some space to think about ideas, solutions and products beyond everyday tasks. We also see some other benefits: you can work with people outside of your team, you can learn something new, you can have some fun at the post-Logaton party, you can develop some cool products or features that may or may not be a part of our existing portfolio. But, the primary thing stays doing something new and different.


What do our employees think of it?

Well, it’s great, especially because I had my idea accepted as a new company product! – Boris Tuponja, Tech Lead

Internal hackathon is a great way to create a culture of sustained innovation. It helped my team to discover our full potential and gave us the opportunity to practice teamwork and communication. – Valentina Konatar, iOS developer

Logaton gave me the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and with different skill sets. I definitely learned a lot. – Heril Muratović, Tech Lead

Internal hackathons make us more rounded professionals, because we are free to step into different roles, challenge ourselves and discover what we’re capable of. – Vera Kovačević, Senior UX/UI designer


What happened during our first Logaton?

Our employees presented great ideas. Some of them were about optimization of our existing products, some of them were about upgrading our existing products, and some of them were about totally new products! And you know what? We decided to implement most of the ideas presented! We already know that it is going to be a busy year, and we had only one Logaton!

Internal hackathon is a great way to boost creativity, and to have fun. We cannot wait to see what new ideas our teams will come up with on a next Logaton.

So, how do you spark innovation in your company?

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