Logate collaborates with DataStax to convey a success story of using Apache Cassandra

The need for a geo-distributed AAA solution in telecoms lead us to using Apache Cassandra to support our new system architecture. DataStax helped us deliver our specific use case of Cassandra Cluster, and we made a great collaboration of telling our success story to the data community.

Working on a AAA solution for leading telecom providers requires always staying on top of the latest technological trends and being able to respond to the fast changing tech landscape of the telco world. To improve redundancy and availability levels for their services, Logate’s telecom customers had the need to run their AAA server instances across multiple data center locations. In order to support geo-distributed deployments that could run through any site failure, OpenProvider engineering team searched for an opensource database that could support this approach easily and still scale. The search led to Apache Cassandra, a distributed database that allowed us to transform the way we handle data in our AAA solution, and to ultimately meet the needs of our clients.

In our journey with Apache Cassandra, we established a cooperation with DataStax, who helped us with their expertise to leverage Cassandra’s capabilities to achieve our technical goals, and ultimately deliver value to our client’s. Having a successful and very specific case of using Cassandra for our AAA server led us to further developing the cooperation with Datastax and telling our story through a series of guest appearances on DataStax blog and webinars.

The use of Apache Cassandra and collaboration with DataStax

OpenProvider AAA is placed in the core part of fixed and mobile networks and communicates with core components in Telecom’s networks. As it is a business critical component, each Telecom demands the availability of the system that is no less that 99,99%. All of this puts extra challenges and demands on the database architecture, and using Cassandra Cluster helped solve these challenges. In our Cassandra success story, hosted by DataStax, we talked more about how we achieved better performance with Cassandra Cluster, which ultimately enabled us to scale for tens of thousands of transactions per second (TPS) with our product.

Furthermore, Logate team talked about the journey of Telecoms towards becoming software defined, and where our AAA platform fits in that journey. To learn more about this topic and how the journey looks from the operational side, subscribe for the exclusive, on-demand Logate and DataStax webinar. Additionally, we gave our broader industry insights in a guest article hosted by The Stack.

While further shaping the future of Telecoms through one of the core components of their network, we continue to collaborate with DataStax to constantly improve the Cassandra Cluster and advocate for its use in developing geo-distributed systems such as OpenProvider. 

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