Logate brings you INFINTECH 2023

Step into the future of finance at INFINTECH 2023, the premier international fintech conference organized by Logate.

Transforming Montenegro into a Fintech Hub

Step into the future of finance at INFINTECH 2023, the premier international fintech conference organized by Logate.

Founded in 2006, Logate, with its extensive background in telecoms and banking, has evolved into a leading software company, developing cutting-edge solutions for the growing needs of the industry. Logate now pioneers digital solutions that drive the financial industry forward.

In envisioning an annual INFINTECH conference, Logate strives to create a dynamic platform that will become an annual event giving spotlight to the growing fintech industry in Southeastern Europe. This will help position Montenegro as an evolving center for fintech excellence, drawing attention from innovators worldwide.

INFINTECH 2023: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Finance

On October 12th and 13th, Montenegro’s picturesque Porto Montenegro marina will play host to this groundbreaking event. More than just a conference, INFINTECH 2023 is a convergence of industry leaders, pioneers, and innovators, exploring the latest trends in Digital Banking, Open Banking, Customer Experience, AI in Finance, and New Business Models and Ecosystems in Banking.

Who’s Invited?

The event welcomes regulators, incumbent banks, neobanks, payment institutions, fintech researchers, consultants, and solutions providers from across the globe. Together, they will dissect the future of finance, exchange ideas, and spark collaborations that will redefine the industry.

What’s on the Agenda?

Day 1: Unlocking the Future

The conference opens with a deep dive into Open Banking, led by the insightful Ana Nives Radović from Bloxico. Discussions traverse Payments and delve into the intricacies of Data & AI in Finance. The day culminates in a panel featuring Nenad Petrović, Zorica Kalezić, Linardo Martinčević, and Davide Michele Meo, dissecting the transformative power of Open Banking.

Day 2: Elevating Experiences, Shaping Tomorrow

Day 2 illuminates Customer Experience, exploring the art of personalization in the digital age. The stage will also host discussions about New Business Models & Ecosystems in Banking, dissecting the integration of innovative solutions into existing platforms. The closing panel, featuring Meaghan Johnson, Deeptasree Mitra, Georgi Penev, and Deyan Radev, will unveil the future of banking.

Beyond the Talks

INFINTECH 2023 isn’t just about absorbing knowledge—it’s a platform for forging lasting connections. Attendees can partake in numerous networking opportunities, engage in interactive panels, and explore cutting-edge fintech solutions in the exhibition area. It’s a chance to collaborate, innovate, and initiate partnerships with industry titans.

Meet Our Sponsors

This event is made possible by our sponsors: Mastercard, a global technology company revolutionizing payments; CRIF, a banking credit information powerhouse; GD Next, a tech marvel specializing in banking and finance; Porto Montenegro, a luxurious waterfront community and superyacht marina; Poslovna inteligencija, a trailblazer in Data & Analytics consulting; Hipotekarna Bank, a trusted financial institution in Montenegro; Erste Bank Montenegro, dedicated to financial excellence since 2009; and NLB Bank Podgorica, enhancing the banking landscape nationwide.

Join Us at INFINTECH 2023!

Secure your place at INFINTECH.ME and embark on a journey that will shape the future of finance. Follow our updates on social media: LinkedinFacebook.

See you at the forefront of fintech excellence!

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