Logate at Telekom Campus Fair 2022 – On the innovation frontline with leading telco vendors

This June, Logate had an exclusive opportunity to exhibit among 40 leading telco tech vendors at Deutsche Telekom's Campus Fair. We showcased OpenProvider AAA platform and its capabilities to support the Telekom's goal to be a leading digital telco.

This June, Logate has had an exclusive opportunity to participate in Telekom Campus Fair, a Deutsche Telekom’s dedicated tech event, often called “Mobile World Congress for Telekom employees”. This boutique event for employees across the entire Deutsche Telekom group gathered 40 world leading telco technology vendors for an exhibition, networking and discussion about the new technology frontiers and the vision of the company for becoming a leading sustainable, green and open telecom. Logate’s first ever appearance  was accompanied by the showcase of our OpenProvider AAA solution that services 20 million users of 11 telco service providers in Europe. Logate was also invited to deliver a presentation during  a breakout session on Disaggregation, one of the key topics of the event.

A dedicated conference for Deutsche Telekom and its partners

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, present in over 50 countries worldwide. The company has 248 million mobile customers, 26 million fixed-network lines and 22 million broadband line users worldwide (Deutsche Telekom, 2022). Being one of the key innovators and leaders in the industry, the company organizes its dedicated conference in their headquarters in Bonn, Germany, where over 3000 employees from technology, business development, marketing and executives come together to discuss the hot topics and spin the wheel of innovation further, together with leading technology suppliers in the telco market. This year’s edition has gathered names such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Dell, AWS, Nokia, Huawei and many others, who were a part of a whole day exhibition and a program of speeches by leading figures of Telekom and partners. 

The CTO of the group, Abdou Mudesir, stressed out hypercollaboration, as one of the keywords when describing the relationship that Telekom wants to build with its vendors, partners and suppliers. According to Mudesir, Deutsche Telekom aims to be a champion of open architecture, leading a mindset shift, where the network will be more open to different vendors to contribute with their different solutions, that would seamlessly connect among each other, enabling innovative services to be introduced. 

In Logate’s showcase of OpenProvider AAA platform at the event, we displayed how our AAA solution is ready to respond to these trends by being completely vendor agnostic, based on Open Source technologies and by being compliant with 3GPP and TM Forum standards.

Key topics on the journey towards a leading digital telco

In his opening speech, Senior Vice President for Innovation and Technology at Deutsche Telekom, Arash Ashouriha explained that there are four elements that are fundamental for the Telekom’s journey towards a leading digital telco: Disaggregation, Cloudification, Automation and Open APIs. Telekom experts and partners talked about the latest trends around these four topics during the sessions at the event.

There is a tendency in the group to provide Telecom as a platform, where these four areas are of great importance, enabling telcos to build services based on their core network capabilities.

Specifically, when talking about automation, the group is aiming to introduce an even greater use of AI in network operations and management. When it comes to Open APIs, this was a key topic discussed regarding implementing open digital architecture strategy, allowing for different software products within the network to seamlessly communicate with each other. 

The topics of cloudification and disaggregation at the conference stressed out the importance of going cloud native, and the importance of making the black box concept a concept of the past. These topics were central to Logate’s showcase of OpenProvider AAA at the event, as the solution is designed as Cloud Network Function (CNF) and supports horizontal software disaggregation and platform component disaggregation.

Logate breakout session - Network Function Disaggregation

Logate was part of the stage program with our CTO, Predrag Biskupović, delivering a breakout session about Relying on OpenSource components to achieve better Network Function Disaggregation. In the session, Predrag explains our motivation for disaggregation within our AAA solution. He stressed out its importance for allowing vendors to plug-in and efficiently join the network operator ecosystem, but also for network operators to select the best combination of software components while eliminating vendor lock-in. Furthermore, he explains how we have divided disaggregation into horizontal software disaggregation and platform component disaggregation, where the first one is about breaking up the platform into smaller software parts capable of plugging in with other third party software, while the second one is about addressing scalability, fault recovery and geo-redundancy techniques to fully eliminate service outages. 

Finally, he argues that wider Open Source adoption is the answer for better disaggregation, explaining how we use it on the example of our AAA platform.

Check out the full session from the TCF to learn more in the video below.

Senior VP Innovation and Technology explained in the name of the group: “The world we are heading towards requires a combination of big players with years of experience and ecosystem challengers”. It is a tremendous honor that Logate has been recognized by Deutsche Group as a challenger, bringing unique value to the telco ecosystem by enabling a single AAA solution for managing different access technologies and for converging the technologies to enable innovative use cases. We will continue striving to enable a cutting-edge AAA/AUSF solution across Deutsche Group to support the company’s vision of being a leading, open and green digital telco.

See you at Telekom Campus Fair 2023, where we will continue expanding the telco horizons with leading telco provider and the world’s top telco technology vendors.

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