Expanding Horizons: Celebrating One Year Since Opening a New Office in Vienna, Austria

Logate was founded in 2006 and has been operating in Podgorica, Montenegro ever since. With our 17 years of expertise, more than 200 satisfied clients and numerous partners across the country and beyond, we felt that the next right step was to expand, open a new office and continue our stride towards global growth.

We are very proud to announce the one year anniversary since the opening of Logate’s second office, situated in the picturesque landscapes of Austria. This expansion marked a significant milestone for us, as it broadened our reach beyond the headquarters in Podgorica and embarked Logate on a journey of enhanced opportunities and innovation.

Have we experienced any benefits of expanding since opening a second office? The answer is yes – and this is why.

Strengthening the global presence

Establishing a foothold in Austria strengthened Logate’s global presence. With two offices across two different regions, we are getting better at serving our international clients and catering to local market demands more effectively.

Operating in Austria also helped promote cross-cultural collaboration and fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas. We believe that the merging of different backgrounds and approaches can lead to breakthrough innovations and solutions in the future.

Better serving of our international clients

By spreading operations across multiple locations, we were able to mitigate the impact of any potential disruptions that could affect the headquarters in Podgorica. This strategic move enhanced Logate’s resilience and stability in an ever-changing business landscape.

Also, the Austrian market offers unique opportunities for growth, expansion and quality networking. The new office enabled us to tap into new markets, build relationships with both local and international partners and explore untapped potential for our products and services.

New collaborations and talent

We’ve been granted access to a new talent pool – diverse and skilled professionals willing to work alongside us. The infusion of new talent brought fresh perspectives, creativity and expertise that will eventually propel ongoing and upcoming projects to new heights.

Join us in the celebration of one year since stepping into the new chapter of expansion, progress, collaboration and innovation!

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