Diversity and equality in Logate

Or: how do we tackle topics such as gender equality, harassment, discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, and other sensitive topics.

After reading the headlines in newspaper and online, it seems that living in 21st century isn’t changing much in terms of overall employee equality, gender equality in the workplace, sexual harassment, discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, etc. Sad, but true. We will always be a part of the conversation on topics that concern values that we nurture, which is why we want to present how are things at Logate at the present moment.

So, in brief, here it is:

  • we have all the major nationalities and religions covered: we know because people are using religious holidays, and they bring cookies sometimes
  • we do have more men than women overall, but the discrepancy is decreasing over time. It is IT industry in Montenegro, so we stand proud
  • we claim that women are not paid less than men for the same amount of work
  • we have both men and women as team leader
  • we are very careful about topics allowed – we believe that there is no sexual harassment in sight, nor any other form of unwanted behaviors
  • we do not ask any inappropriate questions during your time in Logate
  • we do not snoop into your private life
  • we encourage you to start a family – we act as a Santa in December (kind of)
  • we employ candidates with experience, but also young students and those without work experience – if you want to grow to become a professional in your field, we will give our best to help you
  • we have a fair recruitment process – the best candidate gets the job. No need for your relatives and friends to recommend you

Those are the basics. Whatever is fair, we stand by it.

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