Celebrating connection: World Telecommunications Day

Today is the World Telecommunications Day, and at Logate we join the celebration as we continue working on the digital transformation of the telco industry.

It is no news that we live more connected lives than ever. However, today’s day, May 17, is specially celebrated as the World Telecommunications Day, to emphasize the transformative benefits of the internet and telecommunications, and continuing efforts to bridge the digital gap and bring the universal connectivity to humanity. Logate continues to be part of this world wide effort by being a trusted technological partner to telecoms across Europe, Middle East and Africa, building the secure and scalable infrastructure to support growth.

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Understanding the World Telecommunications Day (WTD)

World Telecommunications Day was established by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1969 with the aim to raise awareness about the importance of telecommunications in the advancement of societies, economies, and global connectivity. The day celebrates the remarkable achievements and ongoing efforts to bridge the digital divide, enhance communication infrastructure, and ensure equitable access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) for all. Every year, this day is celebrated through ITU and partnering organizations’ conferences, events, webinars and other gatherings where particular topics of interest to the telecommunications world are addressed. 

The ITU is the body that plays the crucial and initiating role on this day, setting the international standards, promoting equitable access to ICT and enhancing global connectivity.

WTD 2023 - Focus on bringing ICT to least developed countries

Every year, WTU brings on the agenda some of the burning topics in the ICT world, and for 2023, the focus is on “Empowering the least developed countries through information and communication technologies”. According to ITU, over 2,7 billion people lacks access to connectivity and the internet, which is one third of the population. That is why this year in Quatar, ITU and partner organizations, institutions and companies are discussing how to reduce this gap and bring benefits of the digital society to everyone. The streaming of the agenda presented today is available on ITU’s LinkedIn channel. On this day ITU invites public and private sector to pledge for universal connectivity and digital transformation. 

Logate's efforts and contributions to the Telecommunications world

Logate honours this days as we are a part of this change through our telco products and expetrise. This year’s WTU is special as we are bringing our Core Network Functions, our Enterprise Email and Workplace System,  and our Telco Expertise closer to the developing markets. Our strategic focus is to introduce our latest tech developments to the emerging markets, especially in Middle East and Africa, and for this purpose we are partnering with different system integrators and vendors to support fast growth and scalability of telco businesses in these areas.


Logate’s telco team is capable to serve as technology consultants and experts in providing the right infrastructure that is one of the key components of the social and economic change that these emerging markets are bringing with digital empowerment. 

The future horizons

As we celebrate this day it is also important to look ahead and anticipate the future. Emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) promise to revolutionize telecommunications even further. These technologies offer faster speeds, lower latency and greater capacity, enabling seamless connectivity and powering innovations across various sectors, including healthcare, transportation and smart cities.

As we embrace the future of telecommunications, let us strive for a world where connectivity allows everyone to reap the benefits of this technological advancement.


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