15 Years of Our Digital Story – Evolution of Logate

This is how Logate evolved over the past 15 years and became one of the leading tech companies in Montenegro and the region.

Back in 2006, when Airbnb wasn’t even a lucid  thought of Brian Chesky and his co-founders, Logate was born as a software development company. A problem-solving startup before startups were cool, Logate set on the mission to fill the gap and help Montenegrin companies immerse in digital transformation (before that was cool too). Little did we know back then that one day Logate would service over 20 million users worldwide on a daily basis.


What used to be a small startup team is now a company of 100 employees (and growing) with advanced software solutions for telecoms, banks, governmental institutions and other verticals. For us, increase in number of employees is not nearly as inspiring as knowing that they continuoisly choose to stay and grow with us. So when we say “we”, it is implied we think of every single employee, not just the management and including juniors that have been with us for a few months. Everyone is welcome to express themselves in a creative way, whether it’s through poems, recorded songs, dance moves or anything else. As Logate grows further, we want every single person to leave their trace on our journey. 


Logate Telecom Solutions, Logate Fintech Solutions and All-in-one Products

Custom solutions developed for telecom and fintech clients became products with advanced functionalities as Logate learned about clients and these markets. These efforts crystalized around OpenProvider, 3GPP AAA platform for telecoms and CX360, specialized CRM for banks and other financial institutions. Over the years we have built the authority in these fields that we are now able to offer consulting on business processes and work together with clients to help them optimize the way they do things, which in turn results in reduced expenses, increased profits and increased overall efficiency.

Again, numbers don’t mean anything without context. It has always been important to us to nurture relationships with every single client and the fact that many would come back to us asking for other products is a reward in itself.

Having worked on 200+ projects and servicing over 20 million user accounts worldwide on a daily basis, we are proving that a small Montenegrin company can go big and (successfully) compete with tech giants. 


Logate Institute & Junior Academy  – Fast-Tracking IT Career in Tech for Beginners


As one of the biggest Montenegrin software development companies, it is our duty to give back and invest in education. That is why we founded Logate Institute that certified over 250 young adults in various IT skills and programming languages, ranging from WordPress development to System administration.

In line with global trends and local demand, we expanded Logate Institute with Junior Academy. What started out as another extracurricular activity for kids in Podgorica became an established educational center for young coders in several municipalities.

Logate takes immense pride in introducing generations of students of all ages to the world of coding. Logate Institute will continue the efforts to make IT careers accessible to everyone with expansions to other cities and guest lecturers from all around the world.



What’s Next – Global Partnerships, Events & More


Logate aims to be an educator, not just another tech company. Therefore, we will be investing more resources in R&D in order to help clients stay up to date on current technology trends. We are making efforts to improve collaboration with formal education institutions and work hand in hand to better prepare the next generation of students for the IT job market. On top of that, Logate will be organizing more industry-specific events for international business communities, students and young professionals.

We have already taken steps to go green and committing to sustainable practices, such as decreasing paper use and heavily eliminating plastic from our promo materials.

The past 15 years have been incredible and it is bewildering to think about the next 15 with big projects rolling out these days. We invite you to follow us on our journey, through the Logate website and social media as we write new chapters of our digital story. 

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