Logate & DataStax at MWC23

Discover Geo-Distributed Network Functions with Real-time Data using Apache Cassandra

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For 12+ years Logate has been supporting Telecoms internationally with a mission critical core network component, an Open Source solution OpenProvider, that started as AAA system. Today, Logate OpenProvider encompasses a comprehensive set of network functions that are helping telecoms to become fully software defined.

In this session, Logate and DataStax participate at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023 as they present OpenProvider success story in Telecoms in combination with Apache Cassandra Geo Distributed database as Real-time data management for core network functions.

Discover how Logate OpenProvider AAA node is built on top of Apache Cassandra to provide load-sharing (all-active) stateful Network Function distribution between N+1 Data Centers.  Explore why Apache Cassandra is a perfect fit for a future-proof Network Data Layer (edge database) and what are Logate and DataStax plans for the future work with telecoms.

 In this session we discuss:

  • The role of Logate and DataStax in the Telco world
  • OpenProvider solution introduction, concept and success stories on the market. Network Functions. Geo distribution. Network Data Layer.
  • Datastax and the role of Apache Cassandra in data resilience and redundancy in Telecoms.
  • Croatian Telekom success story – implementation in 3 Data Centers in active-active load sharing mode. Capabilities of the platform and business benefits.

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Maša Miladinović

Telco Product Marketing Lead, Logate

Amir Salem

Senior Network Engineer, Hrvatski Telekom (Member of Deutsche Telekom Group

Danilo Mišović

Product Lead, Logate

Cédrick Lunven

Director of Developer Relations, Datastax