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With over 100 years of collective IT experience, we help clients simplify and speed up their business processes.
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products & services

Logate is a team of multi-disciplinary IT professionals, who enjoy fast-paced and dynamic business environments, where we can thrive by never solving the same problem twice.

Our Services

Design and development using the latest technologies and development processes

Design of computer networks and network environment

Design and development of applications and systems based on Open Source

Support and maintenance

IT consulting


See how we help our clients, simplify and speed up their businesses.

  • OpenProvider

    Network-policy management platform that enables real-time network management of variety of attributes. No downtimes. Scale as you grow.

  • OpenBanking

    Mobile banking application that lets you handle your banking transactions quickly, conveniently, and securely – 24/7.

  • Blues Retail

    One of a kind cloud-based, multi-channel retail management system that brings together all the elements of a retail system, into a single centrally managed solution.

  • Open MX

    Carrier grade Mail exchange system designed to bring no extension boundaries or architecture limits in serving millions of users.

  • Contact Center

    Get all the benefits of feature-rich Contact Center system with none of the unnecessary hassle.

  • Enterprise PBX

    Enterprise PBX makes it simple to create and deploy a wide range of telephony applications and services, in order to solve your communication needs.


The purchase of subscription plans enables you to deploy Logate products with the right amount of confidence. Most importantly the subscription benefits include access to Logate’s bullet-proofed enterprise software. There are no client access licenses. The subscription service includes technical support with no number-of-tickets limits.


You get access to any major, minor or bug fix releases introduced during the subscription period at no additional cost. We are using your feedback to improve and make our subscription plans more suitable in respect to your needs.

Scope of Coverage

We are providing technical support services on all submitted tickets regarding installation, configuration, usage, diagnostics, bug reports and fixes. But, we are not supporting following topics: development or code scripting, system and network design, security rules and policies, remote or on-site access to your system. We are covering before mentioned topics as part of separate agreement on professional services.


All submitted tickets are processed within predefined SLA time-frame window in respect to severity level. We are located in GMT+1 time zone. Business days exclude weekends and official country holidays. Standard business hours are from 08 to 16h.

Ticketing System Response Time


A problem where production software is not functioning and no procedural workaround is immediately available. You have had a substantial loss of service and the software problem is affecting a lot of users. Production data is at significant risk of loss or corruption.  Your business operations have been severely disrupted or halted. This severity level may not be used in the case of a new installation, test platform, or where there are no production users on the system.


A problem where production software functionality is severely reduced. The situation is causing a high impact to your business operations, but still, operations can continue in restricted manner and if not handled in timely manner, long-term continuity might be affected. There is no reasonable procedural workaround available.


A problem that involves minor loss of functionality of the software for production purposes. There is a low impact on your business, but your business continues to function. There is a procedural workaround available.


A general configuration or use question, report of a bug, report of a documentation error, or enhancement requests. There is no impact on your business operations. The performance or functionality of your software is not affected.