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Looking for a job in Podgorica? Logate has open-door policy. New talents, always welcome.
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Work With Us!

With awesome products, good customers and office in Montenegro (more than 2500 sunny hours per year), we have just the job you’re looking for. We are always on the lookout for the talent, and have open-door application policy.


In a world that gets more complex by the day, we believe in using simple, clear and honest communication, whether we’re talking to our teams or clients.


We work in small teams to promote creativity, speed and spontaneity. We are open for all new ideas, and best ones are supported by logistics and resources, in order to make them a reality. All you have to do, is provide a spark of enthusiasm.

Leaning is Important

Working with us you can empower your knowledge, get a lot of experience and stay in touch with the latest technologies. You will have an opportunity to learn new things while doing your every day job.

Smile, Motivation, Teamwork

Collaborating with outstanding individuals in Logate, you will enrich yourself as a person, open your sights and make deeper impact to wider community. Always just as ready to do serious work as to make a good joke. (smile) We are easy to work with.

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