COVID-19 - A letter to our professional community

Dear clients and partners,


Under circumstances of a global health crisis caused by the fast spread of COVID-19 virus, following instructions from the Government of Montenegro, recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Public Health Institute of Montenegro, we inform you that our company has undertaken all the preventive actions in order to help save the health of our employees, and therefore our families, friends and fellow citizens.

The actions we have taken are:

·        Organization of the crisis management which makes decisions and recommendations on a regular basis.

·        All our employees are working from home since 12.03.2020.

·        All internal and external meetings are organized and held virtually.

·        All business trips are currently canceled.


The crisis management has undertaken all actions to secure the continuity of our every day operations and we hereby assure our professional community that Logate stays completely devoted to servicing our clients. Our systems that are currently running in our clients’ companies will continue to function without disturbance, and therefore all the business processes that they underline will remain unaffected. Our helpdesk will be at your disposal without any interruptions, and all the requests will be addressed in a timely manner, within the predefined response times. 

We will continue to follow the instructions of the authorities in this domain and act in accordance with the development of the situation. We will make sure to inform our professional community about any changes that might happen.


Thank you for your understanding and trust.

Stay healthy and safe.

Logate team